Edit Your Videos Like a Pro with B612

It is not about just recording and sharing videos. Because unedited or unfinished videos are boring to watch and has less reach in social media. Editing and making a finished video using your Android phone is now becomes a norm. You may be recording a special moments, tutorial video like cooking or any other occasion is a powerful way to connect and engage with others.

However, transforming your raw video footage to finished and attractive video is a challenging task. This is where, you can use B612 video editing tools. There is no separate version of video editing app. All the tools are available withing B612 Camera apk.

How to open Video Editor

Make sure to install latest version of this camera app on your device. If not click here to download and install B612 apk.

  1. Open B612 app on your Mobile.
  2. Check left bottom section for “Edit” button. Select it.
  3. You will see “All” and “video” buttons at top. Select “Video” butto to show all available videos on your device.
  4. Select video you want to edit.

Edit videos using your Android or iPhone

This camera app or video/photo editor available for both Android and iPhones providing same set of tools and features. Below shows tools available to create stunning videos just using your mobile.

Trim your video

If you want to remove unnecessary parts from your video then you can do it with the trimming option available there on B612. Shorten your lengthy videos in to shorter and more precise videos using this option.

Adjust the video speed

One of the other cool features related with video editing is its ability in changing the video speed. Using this feature you can slow down or speed up your video speed as you desired. Show all the things you want to show up within few seconds by speeding up your video play.

Add Music to your clip

In here you can easily add any music you love to make your video more attractive. You can use music from its wide array of music library or you can add your favorite music track.

Reshape your face (Face Editor)

The app let you reshape your face features very easily. Just click on the reshape option. Tap and drag your finger wherever you want the editing. Changing or reshaping your face features using this app is a very smooth process and i am sure you will love it a lot.

Add filters to your video

The other wonderful feature that will aid in attractive video editing is its ability in adding filters. Choose from variety of filters and make your video more stunning. There are filters compatible with every mood and occasion. Select the best fit one for you.

Add effects to your video

Addition to filters the app is loaded with wide array of effects. Add any affect you love and make your video more personalized.

Wide array of AR filters

The other nice feature the users love is its AR filters. Now you can make your video unique and eye-catching by adding these AR filters. There is a wide range of AR filters embraced here for you.

Add beauty effects

This feature let you enhance your natural beauty by giving a natural glow.

Rotate and Flip

You can also rotate your video clip to any direction you want using its rotate and flip feature.

Save and Share

Saving and sharing your edited video is a breeze here. Export your edited videos in various formats to your desired location or share it with your friends and on social media platforms directly.

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