How to use B612 Camera App

How to use B612 Camera App

Among the hundreds of Android camera apps available, B612 has emerged as a one of the best and popular camera app option for many Android users. Whether you want simple camera app to replace your stock camera app or to create stunning fully edited photos automatically that is read for social media publishing. Most of the people who are using this camera app does not utilize all the free features to create photos and videos. Here we are mainly focused on how to use B612 camera app at its full potential.

1. Download and Installation:

You can either download this app from Google play store or Download B612 apk. Once installed, open the app, and you’re ready to capture all your memories and occasions.

2. Exploring the Interface:

Before exploring features and tricks make sure you are familiar with the interface. Home screen of this app shows live camera view with options to toggle between front camera and rear cameras. You will find buttons to access filters, AR stickers, Effects, collage maker, grids and more. Click all those buttons and explore the interface.

3. Real-Time Beauty Effects:

Let’s checkout beauty effects sections. Since most of you are using this camera app because of its beauty effects. You can easily create beautiful selfies, photos and videos with the help of filters and effects provided by this camera app. No need to use your computer or any mobile photo editors to manually tweak photos for best appearance.

Tap in effects. Swipe left or right to explore the extensive filter library, each designed to enhance your features and add a unique flair to your selfies. Experiment with different filters to find the perfect one for any mood.

4. Augmented Reality (AR) Stickers

Most free camera apps provide AR sticks but there are only few that done it right. AR stickers are fun and enjoyable. Discover the joy of augmented reality by navigating to sticker section. There you will see list of AR stickers and effects that can be added to your photos. You can change your hair, add sunglasses, hair band, bow tie and more.

5. Creative Collages and Grids

Instead of posting a single photo on social media, create your own story with collection of images. For that you can use collages. B612 camera app provide creative ways to create your collage for free. Click on the grid icon the home screen of this camera app and select the layout you want and start capturing your photos or selfies.

6. Hands-Free Selfies with Timer:

Want to capture selfies hands-free. You can use timer option. Adjust the time duration and capture perfect selfies easily. No need to hold your phone at far distance with discomfort. Place your phone at a comfortable area and use timer.

7. Sound Capture

Most of you may find timer option to capture photos are annoying. Because you have to wait till timer ends to capture your photos. You can make a loud noise to capture photos instead of using a timer. Screaming or making loud noise to capture photos make your photos more energizing or memorable than just a ordinary photo.

8. Easy Sharing

Once you create your selfies or photos, share it with friends and followers. B612 simplifies the sharing process, allowing you to post directly to your favorite social media platforms.


Learning how to use B612 camera app is about unleashing your creativity and capturing moments in a way that reflects your unique style. Whether you’re drawn to the real-time beauty effects, AR stickers, or the convenience of hands-free selfies, B612 offers a plenty of tools to make your selfies stand out. So, dive into the world of B612 and transform your selfie game into an art form.


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  1. Neeraj yadav Avatar
    Neeraj yadav

    At first finding buttons i want confusing. overtime i get used to it.

  2. Jennifer Agofure Avatar
    Jennifer Agofure

    Amazing stickers that looks so real, this is so helpful 💗

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