Aesthetic Selfie Portraits with B612

Aesthetic Self Portraits with B612 Camera app

How to create aesthetic selfies easily with the B612 camera app? There are many Android photo editors and camera applications that offer many features for selfies. Here we are using the B612 camera app to create aesthetic selfie portraits.

B612 is a free Android and IOS photo and Video editor with AI capabilities. Most of the effects, filters, and editing tools are free to use. First download and install the latest version of this camera app on your phone. Click here to download B612

How to click aesthetic self portraits

Follow below given steps to create attractive selfies.

Good lighting

Before clicking photos make sure to have good lighting to pop details. If not, shadows may conceal details. Make sure there is a good light source in front of you.

Use timer

B612 three seconds Timer

It’s time to set a timer once you pick a location with a good light. Most of you were able to capture selfies single-handedly without a timer. But the timer makes it comfortable and able to pose confidently.

Check the left floating control panel for the timer icon. It is a toggle button with 3 options. Off, 7 seconds and 3 seconds. Click that timer button till display number 3.

Select aesthetic effects or AR Filters

B612 Aesthetic effects

Select the effects button on the bottom left corner. You will see a huge list of aesthetic effects with categorization. Select the “hot” category.

Most of the effects are not readily available to use. You have to first download them. It was done to save phone storage. You can download and use only the effects you are using. Downloading a huge number of effects that you no longer use may occupy a large portion of your storage space.

If you want to add effect to an already captured selfie use the photo editor and go to AR Filters. There you will see all available effects. Below are sample selfies with selected effects.

Windows Shadow Effect

B612 Window Shadow effect

Butterfly effect

B612 Butterfly effect

Spring flower effect

B612 Spring flower effect

Just like the above effects select the best-matching effects for you to create aesthetic selfie portraits.


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