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How to edit photos using B612

B612 is a free photo editing camera app available for both Android and IOS devices. B612 photo editor offers editing tools, filters, effects, and more for free. Provide noncomplicated editing tools to make editing simple and easy for everyone. Unlike alternatives, no need to waste time doing what you want by searching how to do that, where is that tool? Everything you need is available at your fingertips. Change already captured photos and selfies as you like. You can use this app as a selfie editor or photo editor.

How to edit photos

Here we are discussing how to edit your selfies and photos using this camera app. First download and install B612. Open a recently installed application and get familiar with the interface.

Check the bottom left corner for the “edit” button. Click it. You will see your picture gallery. Select a photo you want to edit. It will instantly load the photo editor once you select it.

You will see a list of editing tools at the bottom of your selected photo. Below describe every tool and how to use them.

B612 Photo editing tools

B612 Photo Editor


The beauty tool of this app offers most of the adjustments required to create a nice and attractive photo. Check the below list for available filters, and features in beauty mode.

  1. Ultra-clear – This can create high-definition or HD skin correction.
  2. Faces
    1. Face – faces alone have tons of adjustments, you can adjust head size, slim your head, increase face length, sculpt, adjust cheekbones, change jaw size, and make flat or sharp chin, and forehead adjustments.Eye – You will see all your eye adjustments here since the eye is also a part of your face. Available options are enlarging, changing position, eye height, eye width, distance, tilt, pupil size, changing eye inner size, changing eye outer size, adjusting eye under, adjusting eye tail, etc.Eye eyebrow– Change eye eyebrow size, tilt the eyebrow, change length, change the eyebrow angle, change shape, change only the front of the eyebrow, change only the eyebrow tail, etc.Nose – Here you can reshape your ugly nose to be the nicest. You can make it narrower, change the nose height, change length, adjust the nose bridge, change the nose tip, etc.
    1. Mouth – The most appealing part of a face is the mouth. Here you can adjust the top middle part of your mouth, change lip width, adjust only the upper lip, adjust only the lower lip, add a smile, etc.
  3. Touch Up – This includes removing blemishes, pores, smoothing skin, etc.
  4. 3D Face
  5. Reshape your face
  6. Change body shape
  7. Makeup – change lip color, eye color, double eyelid, and add beauty filters.
  8. Skin tone – change skin color
  9. Remove eye reflections
  10. Change hair volume.
  11. Etc.


This is an AI tool used to create high-resolution images. This process requires an internet connection.


Remove disturbing or unwanted subjects on your selfie or photo. This process does not require you to highlight removing objects carefully. Just paint the object you want to remove. It will remove and fill the space with AI quickly.


Here you can change photo size using a crop file. There are 2 other tools inside the crop. They are rotating and perspective. The crop feature has a predefined size if you want to cut your photo to match a certain size required for framing, books, and other stuff.

Rotate photos 90 degrees, flip, mirror, and more. Tilt horizontally or vertically to give a 3D effect using the perspective feature. Change photo rotation and perspective to match your preferences.


You will find filters under 19 categories to suit every occasion. Some of the available categories are film, 90s, creator, 35mm, retro, calm, soft, dreamy, etc. Select matching filters and apply give a new look and feel.


Stickers are the best to tell a story, hide something, change the mood of the photo, and more. Stickers play a major role in editing photos. B612 can huge collection of stickers.

Hair Color

This feature can change hair color to look real. Change whatever color you love using this tool.


Makeup is done to enhance or change the appearance. Changing skin color, making skin smooth, eyelid changes, lip colors, and more. You can do whatever the change wants here. Contour and blush filters under makeup will apply makeup to the face based on different styles. Change the color of your lips and eyes. Add beauty marks on the face, eye shadows, eyeliner, double eyelids, eyelashes, and more.


First type the letter or word you want. Next, you can add shadows, background, alignment, spacing, opacity, and more.


Effects are animated filters. By default, effects are not downloaded to your phone to save storage space. Select and apply the effects you love from the given list.

AR Filters

AR filters are used to add objects to your photo. Most of the AR filters look real. You can add sunglasses, hats, tattoos, animals, flowers, hair clips, and more. Play with those AR filters and select any.


Most mobile users want to draw on photos instead of adding filters, text, stickers, and more. Use the brush feature to add your signature or any other drawing in your mind. Change brush color, brush styles, erase, and more.

Adjust photo colors

Here you can change the color curve, shadow tint, highlight tint, HSL, Lux, brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, and many more. Color grading or change the color tone of your photos exactly as you like.

Photo border

Here you can select the format for your border. Some of the included formats are square, 2:3, 3:4, 4:5, 9:16, 3:2, etc. After that, you can change the color and size of the photo to match.

DSLR-like background blur

Use the DSLR tool to add background blur like portraits. Change blur intensity as you like to make your photo pop.

Change body shape

There are 5 tools to change the body. They are slim, head size adjustments, shoulder size, square shoulders, and neck muscles.


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