Best Camera Filters for Foods – B612

In this era where social media is prominent sharing our meals has become an art. Now a days it seems like capturing food pictures is a cool skill. If you are looking for a companion to click your food to post on your Instagram or on your food bloggers then this is the best app for you. Camera B612. With its specially designed food filters you would be able to capture your meals to look even tastier.

What is B612 Camera App?

B612, is indeed your photographer in capturing your perfect moments in a perfect way. It is a powerhouse that transform all your captures in to incredible art. The app includes diverse feature to make your photos and videos more stunning. Also, the editing tools embedded here will lead to retouch your images in an amazing way.

Features of B612

B612 embraced wide array of cool features including filters, beauty tools and other effects. All these tools let you capture the perfect click every time. If you want to look your best in every selfie then this is your ultimate choice. If you are a food lover and love to share your food menus with your friends try B612s’ food filters. You would be able to capture your meal without loosing its tastes and the colors even.

Best B612 filters for food

Here is the tastiest part of this. Food filters. Let’s discuss some points related to food filters here. Below shows the original photo used before applying any filter. You can compare those filters to this original image.

original photo used for food filters

1. YU1- Sweet treats

YU1 B612 Food filter

This is the best filter if you want to capture the sweetness of your cake piece, ice cream, chocolate mousse or any other sweet dessert. This filter has the ability in capturing your dessert in an incredible way planting a desire in viewer to have a big bite. If you want to capture the warmth and the softness then go for this wonderful food filter.

2. YU2- Fresh and clean

YU2 B612 Food filter

Make your salads and fruit bowl picture crispier cleaner with YU2 food filter. It has the ability to capture the fresh colors of your fresh-farm goods then this is the best filter to use.

3. YU3- Fancy savory

YU3 B612 Food filter

If you want to capture fancy food, this is your filter. By adding touch of class to your savory dishes this filter can capture the fanciness of your food as it is. You can capture everything from your gourmet dishes to your home-made dishes amazingly with this nice filter.

4. YU4- Spicy kick

YU4 B612 Food filter

Want to capture your spicy food. Then go for this filter which capture the spicy dishes in a way to make them more vibrant and exciting.

If you want to make your food pictures standout then use this secrete weapon. B612 food filters. Show off your tasty creations to the world with the help of B612 and make them look tastier and mouthwatering too.

Install B612 Camera app on your Android phone now

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Click above download link and install this awesome camera app to create awesome photos and videos of foods, fruits and more.

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  1. One with a good color comparative eye will see difference quickly. Making food filters suttle is a way to go pro instead of dramatic changes.


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