B612 Apk v13.0.10 [166MB]- Free Download for Android

B612 apk is a free Android Camera app with free Filters, Effects, AR Stickers, Emojis, Collage maker, Photo Editor, Video editor and more. Create attractive images easily and freely with this free Android camera app.

Name:B612 App
File Type:Apk
Last Updated:17th February, 2024
Requirements:Android 4.3 and up
Category:Camera, portrait
B612 cover

Click above download link to download this Android Camera app for free. Check end of the article for app reviews.

Current Version 13.0.10

  1. Bug Fixes
  2. Fix auto close or not responding on older Android phones
  3. New and improved styles for hair color
  4. New and improves filters for body adjust
  5. Improved collage maker

Earlier releases

  1. Version 12.4.13 – Download v12.4.13
  2. Version 12.4.12 – Download v12.4.12

How to install B612 Apk

Below shows how to install apk file or sideload apk on any Android phone with few simple steps.

Step 1: Enable “Unknown Sources”

By default all Android phones are not able to install apk files. You have to enable “unknown sources” option from settings to install apps and games from sources other than play store. Process of enabling this option will be slightly different from device to device.

  • First open “Settings” of your Android device.
  • Then scroll and find security options.
  • Scroll and find “Unknown Sources” option inside security option.
  • Select and enable for chrome or web browser app you are using to download apk file if it shows list of apps.

For some devices you have to enable this option based on app. For example, if you are using Chrome web browser to install apk files, you have to allow chrome to install apk files.

Step 2: Download apk file

Now you can download B612 apk file once you enable unknown sources option from settings. You can use chrome web browser or third-party Android app store to download. Click here to download.

Step 3: Install APK file

You have to wait till download completed. Once download completed locate apk file. Click on it to begin installation. Allow require permissions while installing.

Features of B612 Apk

Below list main features of this Android camera app. Read and find out the best free features and options available to create awesome photos and videos using your Android Phone.

Beauty Filters

This Camera app is mainly popular for its beauty filters. You can easily smooth your skin, whiten teeth, add makeup, create nicer face and more.


Has nice and large collection of proper stickers that can be added to your photos, selfies and videos for free.

Collage Maker

Want to share your story in a nice collage. Use collage maker that comes free. combine photos to create your collage for free.

Video Editor

Edit your videos to your preferences for free. You can trim, crop, adding filters and stickers and more.

Real-time Effects

Real-time effects include augmented reality (AR) filters and lenses. Add those playful effects to photos and videos.


More features like hands-free selfies, timer, custom filters, makeup tools and more.

App Screenshots



Photo Editor

Beauty Tools

Check app screenshots

B612 app

Stock camera app of most Android phones like Huawei, Samsung, Pixel, Xiaomi, OnePlus, LG, Sony, Nothing and others does not offer all features you expect. That’s why you are looking for third-party camera app for your mobile. This camera app offers all most all features you want for free.

B612 for Android

  • Available on Google play store for free.
  • You can sideload apk file on any device for free.
  • Best selfie and video experience on your Android.
B612 for Android
B612 for iPhone

B612 for IOS

  • Great app for iPhone to to enhance your photos and videos to next level.
  • Available on App store for free.
  • Easy to use and support all most all devices.

How to use B612 Camera App

Out of the box it will be hard for some of you to capture photos and videos with right settings. Below shows simple guide to get familiar with this camera app with basic knowledge on how to use it.

How to change Camera

Check top right corner. You will see single button to change your rear and front camera. Switch camera of your mobile with that button.

How to move between photo and video

Look for large bold circular button at the bottom middle of your screen. It is the shutter button. Top of that shutter button you will see “Norma” and “Video” buttons. Normal button is for photos and video button is to record videos. Select the mode you want and press shutter button.

How to create beauty photo

By default all photos will be automatically beautify by applying makeup upon shooting. You can go further by changing body shape, face, adjusting nose, skin color, removing pores and more.

Button next to right side of your shutter button is beauty editor. Select and edit your face for perfect beauty selfie.

How to apply filters

Check bottom right corner for button with three circles named as “Filter”. You can applying filters to your photos and videos in real-time or before capturing.

For more guidelines click here for how to use B612 camera.

Download B612 Camera Today and Start Taking Amazing Photos and Videos!

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45 responses to “B612 Apk v13.0.10 [166MB]- Free Download for Android”

  1. Laurie-Pier Beauchamp Avatar
    Laurie-Pier Beauchamp

    Very nice app

  2. Evan Cain Avatar
    Evan Cain

    It’s been two weeks my app stop working since last update. Fix it soon.

  3. Hassan Avatar

    لا يعمل

  4. Lindokuhle Alex Avatar
    Lindokuhle Alex

    I love this app. As everyone wonders filters are no special. Editor and effects are good.

  5. Yasin Supriadi Avatar
    Yasin Supriadi

    It is very useful. Recently deleted my default camera app. Used this instead of trying to install default one.

  6. Arkray Hraefn Avatar
    Arkray Hraefn

    Fantastic filters.

  7. Debika Addy Avatar
    Debika Addy


  8. Mohamed Ramadan Avatar
    Mohamed Ramadan

    My favorite filter is missing. hlp plzz.

  9. Shah Titu Avatar
    Shah Titu

    worse app. 😕😕😕

  10. Hridoy Sarker Avatar
    Hridoy Sarker

    This app no open in my phone

  11. frayla Avatar

    Try using color lenses. something wrong because it look black. Samsung A50

  12. Goli zesa Avatar
    Goli zesa

    لن تفتح الكاميرا

  13. Zhraam Avatar

    как добавить свою песню в видео

  14. Delia Gomez Avatar
    Delia Gomez

    I had been using this app for last 5 yrs. seen lots of new improvements.

  15. Jaster tensi Avatar
    Jaster tensi

    Left a bad review on my older device. Now i understand you have to use good for to get most out of this camera.

  16. Lori anne Avatar
    Lori anne

    Effects are really cool. It make my so happy.

  17. Marry patison Avatar
    Marry patison

    Wow this app is cute.

  18. Anderson gen Avatar
    Anderson gen

    Good app, Use for very long time. Recent update sucks

  19. awomy Avatar

    I love this app because I can edit any photo as i want.

  20. Leo Angu Avatar
    Leo Angu

    App crashes when i opened it

    1. Admin Avatar

      Try uninstall and reinstalling the app.

  21. Kawit Avatar

    wow. After using this app make my photos beautiful.

  22. Aster Avatar

    didn’t even notice face changes. Noticed when i was looking for the difference. It may be a good thing for many editors out there because it does not alter your face drastically causing unusual shapes. For me ??

  23. roshn Avatar

    Leuk 🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳

  24. monraj Avatar

    Si no utilizas Snapchat, esta es la mejor opción. Buenos efectos, funciones AR. Gran aplicación.

  25. Jacon Zulim Avatar
    Jacon Zulim

    This is my first time switch to another camera app. Found it difficult to navigate. No close buttons or back buttons. make it easier.

  26. malis sawan Avatar
    malis sawan

    portrait mode is sick and good. But image quality is not good as my phone camera app. Use my phone cam to capture photos I want and then add portraits on B612 edit mode.

  27. Rayan usan Avatar
    Rayan usan

    How to add music on my phone when editing videos. It allow only music comes with this camera app. Help.

  28. Caeden qin Avatar
    Caeden qin

    use this for all my insta posts. Best insta filters and AR stickers. Nice cam for insta.

  29. moley nai Avatar
    moley nai

    Overall good app. I will give five stars if it has more recording duration for free version.

  30. nethan frey Avatar
    nethan frey

    Wow. Best camera app I ever had. Using editing tools to edit my selfies.

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