How to use B612 Camera App

How to use B612 Camera App (Basics)

B612 is a popular camera app available for both Android and IOS devices. This app offers wide range of features to match every user and every occasion. Follow below guidelines if you are new to this camera app. Below covers basic knowledge on using this camera app.

First thing first. Make sure to install this app correctly on your device. Click here to download and install B612. Then follow below basics to get idea about this app.

B612 Camera basics

Here we are mainly focused on basics about using this camera app. You can go much deeper levels like learning how to capture photos at right angle with right filters, how to use lighting to capture perfect selfies and photos, etc.

How to change camera

Check top right corner at the home screen of this app. You will see single button at that location. That is the button used to change front and rear cameras.

How to create beauty photo

B612 is popular for creating perfect beauty photos and its customizability to fine tune photo as you see it a perfect beauty photo. Check right side of the shutter button (big bold circle at the bottom center), you will see face button with “beauty” name under it. Select it.

You can see changes you made in real time even without capturing the photo. So you can applying face changes and find perfect background with lighting to match your changes in real-time. Beauty mode comes with three options as basic mode, advance mode and makeup mode.

Basic mode allows you to change face, neck size, skin tone, remove pores and more. Advance section offers features like 3D nose,3D mouth, lip, etc. adjustments. In order to complete your beauty photo, makeup is essential. Add your virtual makeups in makeup mode.

How to apply filters

Check far bottom right corner for three circle button named with “Filter”. Select and apply filters. Point your camera to different locations and apply real-time filters. You will see color changes with some editing. To make things easier, filters are categorized based on the type of the photo you want. You can select filters for food, selfie, film, retro and more.

How to apply Effects

Check smiley face next to left side of the shutter button. Select to see all available effects. You will see hundreds of effects that are nicely categorized. You can see each effect in real-time. Turn on selfie camera and apply effects to see in real-time. Once you select your effect click on the camera view section to see shutter button. There you can either record video and capture photo with the selected effect.

Edit photos/Videos

Check far left bottom corner. You will see your latest photo or video with edit button. You will see your gallery once you click on that button. Select photo or video you want to edit. It will immediately open photo editor if you select a photo or it will open video editor if you select a video. If you want to browse and find videos only, check top right corner for button named “Video”. It will filter your gallery for videos.

Turn on/off flash

Check top left corner for circular button with three dots at the middle of that circle. Select it. First button of the popup menu will be your flash button. Tap on flash icon to toggle on/off. If this camera app detect low light when using front camera for selfies, it will apply display flash while capturing selfies. You can turn it off with this button.

How to set timer

Check top left corner for circular button with three dots at the middle of that circle. Select it. Check first row of buttons appear with the popup dialog box. Select the timer button. Then press shutter button to begin timer.

First click on the timer button will set timer for 3 seconds, click again for 7 seconds timer. Third time it timer will be off.

Enable/Disable Auto Makeup

Check top left corner for circular button with three dots at the middle of that circle. Select it. You will see makeup feature with toggle button. You can enable it for auto makeup upon shooting photos and selfie. Disable it if you does not want it.

How to create Collage

Check middle of the left corner. You will see set of buttons in photo mode or normal mode. Check for button named “layout”. That is your collage maker. By default you will see four grid layout. On the position of the layout button, you will see “Change” button. Select to see different layout options for your collage. Click button above “layout” button to close collage maker.


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