create reverse video for free

How to Create Reverse Video for Free

How to create a reverse video using your mobile for free? There are many online tools to create reverse videos for free. But most online tools require a paid plan for premium features also have to upload your video to edit. No need to use any online tools to edit videos. Use the B612 app to reverse any video using your mobile for free.

Below describe how to reverse any video on your mobile just using B612 for free.

Reverse Videos with B612

First download and install the latest version of the B612 app. Click here to download B612. Select the downloaded file and install it.

Open the B612 app and select “edit” button at bottom left corner.

B612 Video editor

Now select “Video” button like below picture to filter only videos.

B612 Video editor - select video

Now select a video that you want to reverse from your gallery. You will see video editor like below picture after selecting the video. Select “Speed” button.

Select speed from B612 video editor

You will see the “reverse” option. Select and wait till B612 reverse your video.

Reverse Video with B612

Select the “Save” button to save your reverse video and share with Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok or any other social media for free.


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