Top Sitting poses for photos and selfies

Top sitting poses for photos and selfies

Capturing a perfect sitting photo often requires skills. The way you sit can dramatically influence the mood and style of your photo. Many sitting poses can be used to create attractive photos. Knowing those poses will be the difference you want. First practice correct poses and then use photo editors like B612 to apply filters. Applying filters will change the photo dramatically. Instead of sharing plain photos use nice and attractive filters to match the scenario.

Top Sitting poses

Do normal sitting poses do not work for you? Don’t worry we are going through top sitting poses for photos and selfies. A nice and attractive pose with a B612 filter will make a wonderful photo. Below are some of the top sitting poses.

Pose 1

B612 sitting pose 1

You should sit in a relaxed pose on chair with one arm resting on the thigh and the other hand brought up to the face. Legs should spread apart, and both feet are flat on the ground.

Pose 2

B612 sitting pose 2

Sit on the ground with your knees bent upwards. One Arms should rest on both knees, and lean forward slightly while keeping the other hand on head.

Pose 3

B612 sitting pose 3

Sit on the ground with legs folded and one knee raised. One arm is resting on the raised knee, and the other hand touching the face.

Pose 4

B612 sitting pose 4

Sit with knees bent and spread apart, one hand resting on a knee and the other on the ground for support. This casual pose allows the person to sit comfortably while being photographed.

Pose 5

B612 sitting pose 5

Sit on the ground with your legs crossed. One arm is resting on a knee, and the other arm is positioned along the leg.

Pose 6

B612 sitting pose 6

Sit on the ground with your legs folded and knees bent. One arm is wrapped around the knees while the other rests atop them. The head is slightly tilted downwards.

Pose 7

B612 sitting pose 7

Sit on a chair with their right leg crossed over the left, and both feet not flat on the ground. Body is turned slightly to the right, and leaning forward with elbows resting on knees. Hands clapped together, and holding up to your face.

Apply Filters

It is time to apply some filters once you capture your photos with those poses. First download and install B612. Next, open the installed B612 photo editor. You will see the “Edit” button at the bottom left corner. Select it to open the photo editor.

Select the photo you want to edit. It will open your photo in the photo editor. Scroll down the bottom photo editing toolset to find “filters”. Select it.

B612 photo editor filters

You will see a list of nice filters categorized into different sections. Try applying different filters to match your photos and click save.

B612 apply filters using photo editor


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