Take perfect selfies with B612

Take Perfect Selfies with B612 Camera’s Beauty Filters

All of you try to capture perfect selfie for your social media. With the right angle, right lighting and with correct editing tools anyone can create a perfect selfies or photos. For that you have to use B612 Camera app. B612 provide best beauty filters and editing tools to create satisfactory selfies easily.

B612 is a free Android camera app with many features and editing tools. It is most popular for creating beautiful selfies with filters and effects. You can use its beauty features to transform your look for best feel and look

How to open Beauty filters

You will see shutter button (bold large circle) at the bottom middle of the home screen of this camera app. Check right side to shutter button to locate beauty button. Select it.

B612’s Beauty Filters

By default this camera app can add makeup to your photos upon capturing. If it is not enough you can go further by using beauty filters. Unlike other beauty camera apps, this camera app provide those features for free.

By default filters are categorized in to “Beauty”, “Advance” and “Makeup”.

Beauty Filters

Face: Adjust your face details

Slim: Adjust neck size

Head: Change size of the head

Skin Tone: Change skin tone

Skin: Smooth your skin

Pore: remove pores

Clarity: Improve clarity

Enlarge: Enlarge your eye

Narrow: Change the size of your nose

Wrinkles: remove wrinkles on the size of your nose

Cheekbone: Adjust the size of your cheekbone

Slim: Change the size of bottom part of your head horizontally to give slim look.

Length: Change the size of bottom part of your head vertically.

Forehead: Change the length of forehead

Volume: Change the volume of your hair

Details: Improve face details

Eye bags: Improve eye details

Whiten: Teeth Whitening.

There are many more filters in advance section and makeup section. Click here to download B612 apk and try all those filters for free.

Tips for Taking Perfect Selfies with B612

To take the perfect selfie with B612, follow these tips:

Find good lighting: Natural light is always the best for selfies, so try to take your selfie near a window or outdoors on a cloudy day

Choose the right angle: experiment with different angles to find one that match your face and hair.

Use a timer: In order to capture selfies, you have to hold your mobile phone with accessible to shutter button. That make it hard to keep right angle and smile you want for your selfie. Use timer instead by holding your mobile comfortably.

Use Filters: B612 has a variety of filters to choose from, try different ones until you find one you like.

Edit your selfies: This camera app has a built-in editor that you can use to adjust the brightness, contrast, and other settings of your selfies.


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