Best B612 Selfie Filters

Best Selfie Filters of B612

In the filters tools available there on B612 there is a separate category naming filters for selfies. Let’s have a brief discussion about these selfie filters of B612 here.

1. Loveletter

As the name suggests this is all about adding love and warmth to your selfies. If you want to capture the moments touched with elegance this is the perfect filter for you. It adds soft hues and gentle glow to your selfies making them filled with love and romance.

2. Alight

If you want to add luminous and ethereal quality to your selfies then this is for you.  by adding subtle glow and highlighting your features it creates a captivating aura to your selfie making it more stunning. Want to have a radiant and innocent look then this is the perfect filter for you.

3. Gleam

This is the filter which adds a vibrant and a lively feel to your selfies. If you want to showcase your energy then this is the best. With its bold colors and dynamic contrast your selfies will make stand out in the crowd.

4. Pure

Pure is a filter that symbolises simplicity and purity. It enhances your natural beauty. Adds a clean and a crisp aesthetic value to your images. If you want to capture your natural look in a more vibrant way then go for this

B612 is known for its versatile and the reliable features. The wide array of filters embracing by the app helps you to add a touch of creativity to your images. Not only for selfies the B612 is loaded with different types of filters for different occasions, and different things, Hence, download this awesome camera app B612 now on your Android and take your selfie journey to a next level with its attractive features.


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  1. Adnan Gill Avatar
    Adnan Gill

    all selfie filters looks the same.

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