Top Selfie poses with B612

Top 12 Selfie Poses for Girls – B612

Self-portraits or selfies have become the main way of capturing photos. Most of the photos on social media like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are selfies. But most of us do not know how to pose for a selfie.

Some of you pose naturally for selfies without any guidance. There is no shame in learning the best poses for selfies. Always make sure to make your mood whatever the pose you are going for. If the mood is in bad shape, none of the poses work for you. Next, choose good lighting to see yourself clearly on the camera.

Best Selfie Poses for girls

Below are some of the popular selfie poses for girls.

Pose idea 1

Selfie pose 1

Slightly tilt your head to the side. Keep your visible hand touching your neck

Pose idea 2

Selfie Pose 2

Keep your index finger resting just below the chin. Enhance the thoughtfulness of your face to feel like you are engaged in some inner dialogue. Keep eye contact with the camera.

Pose idea 3

Selfie Pose 3

Raise your hand and gently touch the chin area with your fingers. Show some thoughtfulness while facing the camera.

Pose idea 4

selfie pose 4

Hold your hand near your chin. Slightly tilt your face. The face camera is slightly off.

Pose idea 5

Selfie pose 5

Hold your hand at face level behind your hair and hide your fingers within your hair. Slightly tilt your face toward the hand and then look at the camera.

Pose idea 6

Selfie pose 6

Hold your hand at face level grabbing part of your hair. Tilt your head toward that hand and make a wondering face. Then look at the camera for the photo.

Pose idea 7

Selfie pose 7

Face the camera in a straight position. Hold one hand close to your chin with spread fingers.

Pose idea 8

Selfie pose 8

Raise your right-hand place near your chin facing backward. Slightly tilt your face toward your right hand and look directly at the camera.

Pose idea 9

Selfie pose 9

Hold your right hand back of your head showing some fingers. Tilt your face opposite side of the hand and look slightly down.

Pose idea 10

Selfie pose 10

Stay sideways to the camera. Then look at the camera over your shoulder. Raise your hand facing the camera above your eye level touching the top of the head with your fingers.

Pose idea 11

Selfie pose 11

Touch your cheeks just below the eye using your index finger. Slightly tilt your head toward that hand and watch directly at the camera.

Pose idea 12

Selfie pose 12

Raise your hand, then grab top hair and act like pulling. Tilt your face toward that hand to simulate pulling.

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