Change photo background with B612

Change the Background of a Photo using B612

Below shows how to change background of your photos and selfies with B612 photo editor app. B612 is a free AI photo and video app available for both Android and iPhones. You can use its photo editor to edit your photos. Here we are going to change the background of your photos and selfies using B612.

Change photo background

First download and install latest version of B612 app. Now open recently installed B612 app and follow below given instructions to change background.

Select “Edit” button

B612 Video editor

Scroll top tool bar and find “Auto Cut” button.

select auto cut - b612

Select “Try Now” button.

Select Try Now - B612

Select the photo you want to change the background.

Select the photo you want to change background - B612

By default AI of B612 can auto highlight the subject from the background like below picture. Use brush tool to add and eraser tool to remove highlighted area to get precise cut from the background. Select tick mark to separate subject from the background.

Highlight and cut the subject - B612

Add button allows you to cut and add items to your picture. Use “background” button to add your own background image from photo gallery. Use image transformation tools to change size, remove items and more. Scroll horizontally to select default background images provided by B612 camera app.

Without background - b612

Select “Save” to add your photo with different background like below picture.

Adding new background - B612

Simply change photo backgrounds and selfie backgrounds with B612 for free.


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