Add Fun and Creative Stickers with B612 Camera

Everyone capture photos and videos to share on social media to get attraction of others. But posting a simple photo or video is boring. You can use creative stickers available on B612 camera app to create something interesting.

Stickers are the best and easiest way to get attention or change look and feel of the photo. You can use stickers to add emotion, laugh that is not in the picture, fun and more.

How to add stickers using B612 Camera App

Most people add effects without knowing the availability of stickers in the camera app. Effects are not stickers. Lets add stickers using B612 camera to your photos and videos. Follow below mention instructions.

1. Check far left corner of the home screen of this camera app for edit button. Select it.

2. Select a photo or video

3. Next photo editor will open if you select a photo. Scroll and find stickers button from the list of tools appear at the bottom.

4. You will see large collection of stickers with editing features like changing the size, location, etc.

5. Its time to save stickers to photo once you select stickers you want and make adjustment. Check bottom right corner for right sign. Select it.

6. Selecting right sign on the stickers section will apply selected stickers and exit to photo editor. Now check top right corner for save button to save your photo to gallery.

Fun and Creative Stickers of B612

B612 is a popular camera app that is known for its wide selection of stickers. The app offers a variety of stickers, including:

  • Animal stickers: Transform yourself into a cute cat or dog, or add a playful animal to your scene.
  • Emoji stickers: Express your emotions with a variety of emojis, from happy faces to sad cats.
  • Fashion stickers: Add a touch of glamour to your photos with fashion-inspired stickers.
  • Funny stickers: Put a smile on everyone’s face with funny stickers that are sure to get a laugh.
  • Text stickers: Add personalized messages to your photos and videos with text stickers.

In addition to its vast library of stickers, B612 also offers a variety of other features that make it the perfect app for adding fun and creativity to your photos and videos. These features include:

Tips for Using Stickers Creatively

Here are a few tips for using stickers creatively in your photos and videos:

  • Use stickers to tell a story: Stickers can be used to add a narrative element to your photos and videos. For example, you could use stickers to illustrate a funny anecdote or to create a visual representation of your emotions.
  • Use stickers to add personality: Stickers can be used to express your unique personality. Choose stickers that reflect your sense of humor, your interests, or your favorite things.
  • Use stickers to experiment: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different stickers and combinations. You can always try something new and see how it looks.

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